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Volt Electric is a Greater Puget Sound licensed electrical contracting firm. If you are building a new structure, remodeling, or adding electrical service, Volt Electric can build any electric, low voltage or communication system. (networking)

Commercial and tenant improvements, residential, and multifamily are our specialties. We perform in all areas including electric, low voltage and communication systems. Electric consists of panels, service work, new construction installs. Low Voltage consists of security systems, fire alarms and audio systems. Communication Systems consist of networking, telephone and data.

In all of our endeavors, Volt Electric strives for efficiency and the best for our clients. We carry this mindset forward into all areas of our company. Whether it be the design of the overall system or choices of different green products, efficiency is paramount.

We service the Greater Puget Sound and Seattle Metropolitan area including Pierce, King and Thurston Counties. We design, install and maintain electrical systems.

What our customers are saying

“We have two companies (Cherry Orchard, LLC & MKM Legacy, LLC) that have worked with Volt Electric for the past several years. They run their company in a very professional and efficient manner. We get responses for bid, projects and call-backs very quickly. They perform at a very high level of proficiency on every project. We would recommend them to anyone who wants an outstanding job done in a timely manner.”

Ken RodyMKM Legacy LLC

“Volt Electric is a company of hard working people who are extensively knowledgeable about their trade. They are up to date with the newest technology and well versed with the electrical code. Aleksey and his crews have efficiently and successfully worked on and completed residential, industrial, and commercial projects for me in the last twelve years.”

Jag BasraA-1 Construction Inc.

“I have been in the Construction trade for thirty-nine years. I have been involved in commercial, multi-family complexes, new and remolded apartments; custom, spec and remolded homes. I have exclusively used Volt Electric over the past five years. They have met the challenge on every job that we have undertaken. Not only am I satisfied with their work, I believe they are very fair with their pricing. I am very pleased that not only can the crews complete the work but they are always friendly and have a great attitude on what they are doing. They have always been very respectful to any clients and have represented me very well. I would recommend them to anyone needing an electrician no matter how large or how small the job is.”

Kissler Management Inc.

If you are building a new structure, remodeling, or adding electrical service, Volt Electric can build